Valhalla Can Wait. (Xana&Aggy's Impstuff extrabogonzo)

Concept art

and the other shit we did which you have most definitely seen already but may as well AGAIN


we fuggin doubleteamin’ up. Watch the fuck out Avengers, we gon fugg u ub

it looks amazing

my concept art is still the superior version

now pose it being shot out of the air with AA

Chromatic aberration too much stronk. Yuck.

Husked eversor is amazeballs.

fucking nuts

Fantastic as always.

But what I find interesting is that the pose is strikingly familiar to Sanguinor, a Blood Angels HQ.


Well I’d be lying if I didn’t say I steal most of my ideas n shit from 40K anyway :V

All of these are so good. The second last pic really makes me want to play planetside.

You guys are fantastic combo.

It’s also the most well known pose from unreal tournament.

And there’s a female robot posed like it in ut2k4 as welk.

As to the picture, I like it, but I do think you went overboard on the sharpening.