Valiant Assault & Bonus(British Forces vs Jerry)

Models: Taggert’s DoDS, CoH pack, FH Tanks, and HL2 props.


What happens when you get bored whilst posing.
Music for bonus:

Most of those tree’s in the back on the 2nd are editing in right?
I like the 1st one.

in the first one, all the riflemen’s hand posing and “gun posing” is pretty bad, I’m afraid. The leftmost one holds his gun pretty oddly. I’m not familiar with holding machineguns right though, so it may be OK too. The next one to the right clips very noticeably, but the rightmost one is allright, although the hand in the front could be gripping the weapon tighter.

The guy on the small balcony, shooting back, is either holding a rifle with one hand and at a very odd angle, or holding a pistol at an odd angle, and it’s hard to see him.

I like the angle, and the shells still in the air from the machinegun look good. The explosion to the left looks a bit too superimposed, though.

As for the second one, I really see no idea in shoving a couple of vehicles, especially that ugly-ass toy soldier-looking model, down from a wall… but the scenery looks pretty good.

Thanks, this is one of my earlier poses when I didn’t quite have the longer rifle posing down. The British paratrooper on the second balcony is getting shot and firing as he goes down, that happens occasionally. The second one was me getting bored on my friends GMod while making this and seeing a bunch of tanks and a wall. It’s not meant to be a serious pose, just funny. Also, the trees are part of the map; RP Mountain Village.

EDIT: The muzzleflashes were done with The VMan’s flash pack in-game.

Muzzleflash overload here. I think the picture is too dark as well, or there is too much contrast. Also, the shells coming out of the MG42 look a bit ridiculous. I know the rate-of-fire on an MG42 is hella fast but it still doesn’t look very good in the picture. Judging by the way the shells are stacked up on the wall too, it looks like he has fired all of those rounds while aiming in exactly the same direction.

Apart from some clipping in places, the posing is pretty good.