Valkyria Chronicles 2 - RWR Mod. PSP Model help Ripping in T pose? (Corrupting animation files?)

Hello there forums, I come to you asking for help, quite desperately. I am responsible for making a total conversion mod for a game on steam Running with Rifles.
I have been in close contact with the developers and they are going to be adding support for 3d character models rather than voxel very soon!

I am over joyed but also in duress now because i have only been able to extract the models from the PSP game in very complex poses and not T stance like I need them in.

I have managed to use Noesis to extract the Odin.CPK and the files are all intact, but i can not figure out what any of these file types are, it is very strange. i need some saintly person to help me, I am in dire need of this or my mod will be on hold longer.

Something to note about the .PAC files. Noesis tries to open them, but it says “this file can not be previewed” that makes me think these are the model files, and that is what I need! textures I can get easy i need the character models separately. please someone help me. I have a lot of people counting on me to finish this mod.

I have tried both PPSSPP and ninja ripper to extract them but they are still animated.
and I have tried JPCSP both are animated and thus not useful to me.

So I have another idea given by another thread to some how. “corrupt” the animations files? but i’m not sure how to do that, could someone help?

I need help nothing i do will extract them in T pose and I need these models to complete the mod.

I will post a drop box link to the unpacked ODIN. the file headers are.

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Little update here. Game assassin my last hope does not work on PPSSPP for some stupid reason. no idea why.