Valkyria Chronicles models?

I was wondering if someone has already ported and rigged into Gmod. Please, point me.
If not, Is it possible to port it over to Gmod?


I personally haven’t found anything related to Valkyria Chronicles available for GMod, so I don’t think anyone has ported anything from there. I’m pretty sure it’s possible to port something from the game over to GMod, though.

No-one has ported anything to Gmod yet. Tools are available and last I checked were still being worked on for the PC release.

I love Valkyria Chronicles. It would be great to see some VC models.

Not to GMOD no but Alicia Melchiott is available for XPS and XPS to GMOD ports have been made before.

Personally I’d love some Valkyria Chronicles content.

A little late bumping wouldn’t be bad… right?
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I apologize for the bump, but I figure it’s more relevant to bump a topic than create more clutter with a new thread.

It’s been a few years since the VC PC port release, is there no possibility of someone ripping/porting the models?

I found one model of Selvaria Bles that was ported over two years ago here, but nothing was done with it. I’m not sure if that model was ripped or custom made, so it’s validity in asserting the feasibility of ripping the models from Valkyria Chronicles is dubious. But at least it’s something. There is another topic on a forum of ripping models, but most of the discussion is beyond me and I’m not sure if they ever actually got it to work.

I’m going to bump in the small hope someone can make this possible.

It looks like the members already cracked the format in the Xentax post you linked, you can import models into blender with this tool:

Would the models really look all that good in Source, though? They’re heavily stylised by custom shaders to create the hand-drawn look of the Canvas Engine.

I mean, I’m open to being proven wrong, but it’d take a lot of careful shader tweaking to make something that doesn’t look like butt. I doubt you’d be able to directly imitate Canvas’s look, either.