Valley of the Death

dsdasdas over dramatic title

dark room scenebuild, I’m not complety satisfied on how this turned out, but here it is


if you have any C&C, go ahead and enlighten me

The lighting and composition are just amazing.

the composition is rly not great at all. there’s no focal point and so the eye gets lost around the canvas. there’s lots of very interesting things… too many things that are equally interesting. lots of light and contrasts too that draw the eye too much and too often. some of the silhouettes are lost in the different depths of the picture

slow it down and simplify it. decide what you want your focal point(s) to be and point the viewer to it/them with lines, contrast, colour, and sharpness


*updated with the original

Beautiful yet confusing.
Like a classy two-headed hooker.

This is the best screenshot I have seen yet.

Perfect lighting and 100% on the lightning.