Valve.Biped Bones show, but when I add, those bones look different, how to fix?


Okay so I’ve rigged some models before to the valve.biped and they work in sfm, the bones show up and everything. When I add new bones though, they still work, but they show up as dots and aren’t drawn to show the length of the bone I created. Is there a way to fix this, or does sfm only recognize valve-written bones?
I’m trying to rig a four arm character, and dots would make it a little confusing.

What 3d software are you using? (3DS Maya, Blender, etc.)

Okay, so I was up late and found my answer, time to share; and it’s that only valve bones are drawn in sfm as full bones while custom bones are dots. To change you have to edit the info here I believe:
Also found a thread with the same question: and

So in case anyone else was wondering, hopefully this helps.