Valve biped misalignment

Hi, i’ve been working on a playermodel for gmod recently, and for some reason, even if in Blender the model and the skeleton are aligned perfectly, after export them the skeleton is moved to the front of the model, and the animations are messed up. I’ve already checked origin points of both the model and skeleton and are at 0,0,0, so im out of ideas :frowning:

You did say you checked the origin point, try to set them yourself anyways, ALT+C to reset 3d cursor and then ALT+SHIT+CTRL+C “set origin point to 3d cursor”.
Also, did you have to move some of the bones to fit them with the model?

Thank you for your help! I reset the origin points as you said and the problem persists. I did with this model what i do with every model i work on: I take the original model and adapt a Valve Biped skeleton to its T-pose, then i import another valve biped and this time i adapt the model to the valve t-pose as you can see in the screenshots, so i dont need to edit phymodel and other things, so i right now i can delete the skeleton, import another clean, set the armature and the model will work just fine.

Well there’s your problem, by default the valve biped skeleton can not be modified without making some monstrosities, I suggest using the “proportion trick”, althought I’m not sure how well it would work with a model this big, this thread has it all, can’t find the original but should be understandable enough: