Valve Biped Skeleton question.

Could someone get me the name of the attachment for the area closest to the face on a skeleton?

Working on a special item attachment system in a script.

Thought asking some modelers would be better than asking scripters, as modelers deal with these joints & such all of the time when rigging models.

Example of what I’m looking for:


I went around on google looking for the name, but couldn’t find it. Could someone give me the name of the most “center of the face” attachment bone name?

Try “forward” or “eyes”.
You can view all attachments in Half Life Model viewer in the SDK:

Agreed on the forward attachment.
That said - @1337Narb - you have to be careful.
ValveBiped.Bip01_Spine is not an attachment but a bone in the skeleton. Attachments get placed somewhere on the model in reference to the bone (and share movement).

So you can have an attachment Chest that is placed on the bone ValveBiped.Bip01_spine