valve compiling problem

Any chance for you telling us what the problem is? Not willing to wtch a nine minute video really.

the thing is that i dont know exactly what the problem is exept that i cant compile textures and i dont know why

How can you not Compile Textures? is there a .log? could I see the .qc?

the qc is the c++ file i opened

the qc is the c++ file i opened

Did you add any information to the .vmt files?

in the $cdmaterials, add a “” after "slamdrunk at the end of the line, before the last quote. Thats it.

didnt work

Okay took a look at the video - until roughly the second minute. Your issue is that you are calling the VMT itself in the QC, not just the path.
The SMD calls the VMT name which it finds on the cdmaterials path in the Qc. Instead you have the path to the VMT and it also seems you have a whole slew of errors on the QC path itself. Why are there two " in it for instance.

Honestly, don’t make videos. Post your QC, VMts in [noparse]

[/noparse] tags and describe your problem. Making videos makes it much harder for anyone to figure out what’s going on.


my point. Watched a bit further, and noticed that it’s actually not the cdmaterials path I was talking about. That said, the VMT seems to be in materials/models/weapons/**c_models/**slamdunk your cdmaterials path i merely calling materials/models/weapons/slamdunk

When defining the materials in the .qc files, you must add an extra \ to the path. You must also remove materials. Pretty much this is how it should look like:

“models he\model\path\slamdunk”

ill try to fix it, but ill try the tf2 importer too