Valve games related category

Will there be a separate Valve games related category in here? It would be cool to discuss another games also, just like the old forums

So yes, I’ve started looking at forums for our games again. I’m avoiding having general forums in the hope that when people get bored of the games they just leave the forums.

Quoting Garry’s post from

I’d guess other games are also sort of “general”.

But it’s the quote where he was talking about “general” forums, not “games” ones

Don’t think so, lol

it’s “Facepunch” forum, not “Valve” forum.
Maybe Source 2 category would be good enough.

I would count other games as general. These forums make sense as a place to discuss facepunch games. The only conversations about valve games actually matters is when you’re comparing source games to source 2 games, since s&box is based on source 2.

You can always just go to knockout and chat games over there.


Seems like we are already having an open thread regarding “Non-Facepunch related forums” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: