Valve games wont work anymore


Yesterday i started play Garry’s Mod. While starting the game, Steam said something like “Steam has to configure the game to improve performance and need internet connection” Well after this was done… Downloading 2Gb of stuff. I got folder named Garry’s Mod 13 old and the new. I moved addons from old to new but the problem now is. I have HL-Ep1/2, Portal 1/2, CS:S. Only CS:S and Portal 2 works in Gmod. I need these all to work because now all is purple/black.


Update 13.06.11

Same problem here, I searched through forums but I still have no idea how to fix it

Immediantly after making this post i got idea to move Valve games same folder where Garry’s Mod is. Well it worked!!! All games were in Gmod but still everything purple/black. D:

Did you try opening the other games and see if they had to be converted?

I did but it didn’t work.

I believe it’s because of the SteamPipe update.

Follow this tutorial:

Ok. I hate this sh*t valve pipe. Got 15Gb more downloands

It’s for the better.
Or, would be if it’d quit breaking shit.

On Gmod this update didn’t make any visible changes on my pc.