Valve Hammer Editor Texture Issue.

Hey I’m having a problem with textures for VHE. I followed the instructions in and went to But for some reason after I make the block I can’t get it to be textured. It just looks like a wireframe box. But it shows in that it should come up as a pink box.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Try doing this.

Click where it says camera
Make sure the setting is on textured or shaded textured

thank you it worked.

Happy to have helped

Actually one more question, i made a little practice map, I complie and saved the map but when i press run map it comes up as

"Fatal Error: Could Not Find Filesystem Dll to load.
what does this mean and how do i fix it?

Do you get a compile log?
Have you tried restarting Hammer, SDK, and Steam?

Yes I get the Compile Log, and i have tried restarting steam and hammer, and the same thing keeps coming up.

Perhaps try running or starting up the game you are mapping for then retry.

Still the same thing. Hmm this definetly a gammy.

Can you post the log?


Sorry man I can’t help you with this one. I really don’t know whats wrong.

Replace your hl.exe with the original, It might have been overwritten.

Don’t run the game from the end of the hammer compile process. Check the do not run game box, then start the game manually and use the map <mapname> console commands to run the map.

I saw a leak in the compile log, I don’t know if this is causing the error, but it is definetly a problem.