Valve Hammer Editor Tutorials: Beginner and Advanced

Hey there, recently I thought “Hey, why the hell don’t I make some tutorials for the new fellows to mapping” so, I did, I’m reasonably literate in Hammer, I’ve mapped for quite a while now. So I present to you, my first two tutorials, these outline how to spawn NPCs randomly and a little guide on how to seal up your displacements, requests, comments, rants are all welcome and encouraged, Thanks.

**Update: **Now placing all the tutorials up here so you don’t have to drift through the thread.

          **Random Spawning NPCs**

Seal Your Displacements!


**Break Some Glass!


**Pick up That Ca- BOOM!


**Hawkeye Hawk’s Random Spawns, with Walls!!!


**Not Really a Tutorial


**Elevator of Doooo - No, just an Elevator


**Fairly Breezy in Here isn’t it Gordon?


Flying Bed of Horror!


Not Fake DMM


Oooooo Dynamic Lighting


Flares, Yes that’s it, FLARES.


Gordon, Go grab those RPG rounds!


Basic Vertex Manipulation




Valve Hammer Editor Tutorial: PICK UP THAT CA- CHA CHING


Increase the hammer Draw/Model Distance


FUCKING MASSIVE CLI- Wait, it’s just a cliff.


Add me on Steam if you have any questions: Bounty1230

In the videos your voice isn’t very exiting, its kind of boring to listen to you talk. Perhaps try and explain a bit more what things are.

Also, I can’t understand you too well, I guess that’s because I’m American though, and most of Facepunch is in Europe.

Excellent, thanks, so more exciting voice, a bit more clearer for Americans and such, explain what I’m doing as I do it, thanks for the feedback.

Pretty good tutorials, I can see these helping people quite a bit, seen as you don’t do stupid things like “this is how you make water” which people should already know.

Thankyou kindly, any other tutorials I can do which nobody has done yet?

In the second video your voice doesn’t seem boring to me, maybe its because I’m British too.

Quick 25 second one for the noobs I forgot I uploaded:


**Pick up that ca- BOOM!


Note: Still Processing.

i suggest using the cordon tool if you’re just testing something, saves time and is easier to move around when you expand the map.

You talk a bit too fast, the rest is ok though

Marvellous, I’ll slow down next recording :v:

Any requests?

Nice tutorials, more entity based ones would be sweet. I am going to subscribe so I don’t miss anything :smiley:

Marvellous thanks man, if you want specific entites let me know and I’ll make one for you.

Well the thing is, I don’t really have a clue about them, you know how to make lifts that go to more than one floor?

Actually mate, I’ve never needed to do that so I never learned how, sorry :v:

I like your tutorials. They were not for beginners (not that i have anything against newcomers) and they were not for the professionals. They are in between. Thats good.

I would like to add my own version (not to steal you thread. Feel free to improve my version or join the two ways), of the zombie spawning trick. Instead of having the zombies spawn at a random time, i made it so that they are spawning at a random place.
I did this by using a npc_template_maker, a npc_zombie and a info_npc_spawn_destination. In the template_maker i choose the spawn_destinations as the name of the destinations group and the zombie as the template NPC. Then you can just experiment with the different settings in the template_maker to suit your need. I made mine like this :

I’ll do a tutorial for your random spawning ones if that’s okay with you?

yeah, go right ahead

Thankyou kindly, will be up shortly.

i forgot to mention that you need to place the destinations around the map. You just make several copies with the same name, and the template will choose for you.

Yup, just found that out, thanks man :v:


Was wondering if somebody could photoshop a really quick watermark for me, it would be greatly appreciated and you’d get mention in my next tutorial?