Valve Hammer Freezes

Hey guys,

After the recent update my hammer has been freezing up on me a couple minutes after i launch it. D’: Its really frustrating me and i cant seem to find a fix.

Some Helpful things:
-Happens when i load or create a new map
-Half the time it happens when i click on a object and attempt to move it.

My mine works perfect I know worship Valve again :worship:

Wow man you really helped me out!!! You should be a mod!!!

See if you have any applications running in the background with tasak manager that could be taking a lot of memory/cpu

lol hammer is taking the most CPU

Reinstall, try running the games you’re trying to map for at least once before starting a new map, refresh SDK content.

Done that all.

same problem here

It’s due to update, some of my friends are experiencing the same, just wait for update… with hope

Runs fine on my system.

im having the same problem