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Tell me what you think.

Posing is bad.

I’d say the posing is ok, but it could use a little tweaking.

Looks like someones early poses. For a beginner the posing is not that bad.

  • Decent enough posing
  • Did not use gm_construct
  • Finger posing
  • Good for a beginner.
  • No editing
  • Posing could use some work

I only got Gmod a month ago so this won’t be my best work.

I’m a noob too and posing is hard, just try to imitate the pose to see if it feels natural if your not sure. It makes posing easier because it lets you know if the pose needs some tweaking to be more realistic!

I like the picture though, nice job!

Yeah, I moved Gordon’s arm out of the way to do some more posing and I forgot to put it back, so his left arm looks like it’s missing XD

Whats the map called? Send a lnk please

Try not making a thread about pictures that you don’t think are that great, you need to be confident that they are good. And, chances are, a month into gmod you won’t be the best poser. Wait a little while, and if you become a good poser, then post your stuff. Trust me, my first screenshot on here was REALLY bad.