Valve just released patch for upload/download exploit



i think i’ll wait until i get proof that the POC doesn’t work once the patch comes out.


“I can’t fix it, valve has to” - garry

Read the thread name.

What did it update in the engine?


rate me bad reading :sigh:

i did, and the title u wrote says that valved just released a patch, its also in the garrysmod discussion, not tf2. you also told me it updated when you started garrysmod. but i guess you’re the l33t software coder who knows all the inner workings of valve/garrys mod.


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They updated tf2 engine. Gmod engine =/= TF2 Engine

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It’s still the source engine, nonetheless.

Edit: That means that the source engine is patched, Garry just has to update GMod.

Incorrect. Valve has to patch the engine Gmod uses, Garry has no access to that.

Oh. Hmm. I see.

Let’s hope that they get to it, then.

Garry made a deal with valve to split the profit of gmod 50-50 so he could get access to the engine. -_-

This is interpreted as Garry being able to do what he wants with the engine, which is infact false.

Garry has the ability to modify anything related to Garrysmod. Yes, he can see all the OB Engine etc, however he cannot modify it at all. Seeing as Gmod runs off the OB Engine, Valve have to correct this, not Garry as he quite simply cannot perform any changes to it.

I just hope VALVe fixes this shit soon. They did it with TF2… :open_mouth:

actually, Team fortress 2 and Gmod DOES uses the same source engine
Tf2 uses the orangebox source engine thats the only one being updated, so gmod has to use that engine


No, Garry’s Mod uses the public sdk version of the engine which does not get updated very much anymore to prevent stuff from slipping in that can break sourcemods or other Non-Valve source games such as Gmod, remember the massive bitching from the STEAM_1 change that happened when they carried over some features into TF2 from L4D? They however make updates to this engine every so often which can be found in your garrysmod/bin folder.

But… The reason this patch STILL WONT WORK is because Valve forgot to check inconsistence in their HLDSUpdateTool that forces all games other than TF2 or DOD:S to run a older version of the engine which is still 100% susceptible to file uploading by downloading the old engine builds.

Left 4 Dead uses the Source engine, but Garry’s Mod obviously isn’t running on that version of it.

Garry has the source to the engine and can edit it for gmod. Gmod runs on GMsrc that’s why if you get vac’tooed form gmod you dont from other source games

Uhg. So who has to update GMod? VALVe or Garry?