Valve Males only have 2 Fingers???

WTF is this Valve

Thats just great!

any ideas?

YOu sure you imported right Skeleton? Or even skinned mesh to bones?
Try : “sourcesdk_content\hl2\modelsrc\humans_sdk\Male_sdk\ragdoll.smd” I think haven’t done it in long time.

I imported the reference ?

isnt that what your supose to do

This was addressed some time ago.

Someone asked Valve why they made such a hand structure, or “flipper hand”, and their reply was simply that they had no need for a more complex hand structure because nothing called for it in the game.

Wait, are you rigging custom model? or just editing original?

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Isn’t there a skeleton with all 5 fingers? I think I saw one in the path I posted.

well I rig the Default Valve Male Biped

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wait guys MaxofS2D has a solution

Im going to try :stuck_out_tongue:


So there we have the ENTIRE MALE Valve skeleton including the Peck bones :stuck_out_tongue:

Time to rig this to a BIPED

The animations do not use the last 2 fingers, what you have to do is rig the ring and pinky finger to the middle finger bone.

If valve males had only 2 fingers (bones ofc.) then it would be quite strange because you can pose all the fingers in GMod using finger posser.

Thats whats screwed about it!!!

That’s because they actually have nonmitten in the game, but those are only used for important characters as a way to save on rendering.

Also the finger poser doesn’t actually require valve bones. Unless I’m mistaken you could write one that uses completely different bone names. It’s just that garry is using the default bones for it.

No you can’t, you can only pose the index finger, the thumb and the other 3 fingers on the citizens.