Valve Museum


It’s been awhile since the first version and I have gotten a lot of messages about when I will release this map. Well I am proud to upload the file today and hope you all enjoy. This map is a lot bigger than the last and has a lot more things to do in it. There are train stations; eating areas and loads of secrete rooms.

Like before, the map is full of facts about Valve Software and their games. This is a museum dedicated to their great works in the video game industry and the art world as a whole.

By the way, since releasing the first version, I have had one attempt fail which slowed the process and I have gone through my first year of college which is cool. On that note, let me shout out to Kappa Sigma and the Greek Community

I really hope everyone likes this map and thinks it lives up to what they were expecting. The second version of the Valve Museum is sure to please!!!

Just look at some of the screen shots from the map…



The file includes the popular short story Trigger, which is based on the videogame F.E.A.R.

This is good!
Good job :smile:

Much better than the first version.

Thank you guys!!!

Lighting is a bit bland in some areas, and the brushwork seems like it could use some improvement. Other than that it’s very nice.

Nice job taking from the example maps :devil:

This is a look at version 3 so far…

Played it before. It’s a nice map overall, but you should add alot more " Valvy " things into it. It’s kinda plain.

It seems so… empty to me.

Wow, much improvement since the last time I saw this.

I’ll work on that for the next version, thank you!!!


I’ll make the company information section much bigger then for the next version


hahaha I just thought it was an easy was to add alot to my map. Hope everything else was to your liking though.


Thank you!!!

I just explored it, it was wonderful :buddy: Cant wait for the next version

Thank you so much!!! Glad you liked it

Very nice

Looks really bland and empty.

You should add this in the entrance. Not the person of course.

Thank you!!!


I’ll work on that…


hahahaha I should

Add some displays of characters and monsters from different Valve games.

Gosh so many pictures, you know you could just make it to a animation that changes picture after 5 seconds.

You need to add somthing to encourage replayability/ “the want to revisit”. maybe somthing more interactive?