Valve Really likes Trains and Teleporters. Stool.

Hey, Valve has a large variety of Trains and teleporters throughout source (and washing machines, and toilets, etc.) and I would like a stool in garrysmod that allows you to make a train with a track that it follows, automatic noises (movement, horn, etc). There are several different models for trains in source making a variety of options:
(razortrain . tf2 boxcar . tf2 boxcar . hl2 passenger car . hl2ep2 crash . hl2ep2 crash . caboose)

It would have a dedicated track and maybe an option for a place for it to stop for a designated period of time.

Also valve loves teleporters. Tf2/Blakmesa/portal
I realise there have been hundreds of failed attempts at a portal gun so i don’t expect one. teleporter examples:

[blackmesa|kleiner tiny|kleiner large|red teleporter|blue teleporter]

just animations, sounds, and a teleporter thing that’s invisable on top for function. 2 Requests in one post.

thank you.

Those are colored, don’t have different models or animations, and overall look bad.

I love the idea of a train. If it could stop at a point that you want and you may be able to get on XD

Allso I really want a teleporter with animations. The small one that cliener has in his lab is cool but it would be even more cool if the big one he has was made.

Somone has to make theys or at least the train :smiley: