Valve rotate holding E

I have make a valve and it rotates and everything. but i just have to press “E” one time and when i stop it still rotates so its rotating by it self. How do i do so i rotate it of holding “E”. And when i stop it rotates back
And the door closes again. please help me!

Sigh, this is what decompiling maps is used for. Learning how to do this.

Its gotta be a problem with the func_door_rotating. There is a keyvalue named delay before reset. Set the value to -1. That way the valve will stay once it has been rotated.

EDIT: Rate me bad reading. I thought you needed help with something.

Edit your post and just put -snip- if you failed.

momentary_rot_button, or something like that. works pretty much the exact same way as any other rotating doohickey