Valve Wiki Updated

The valve wiki has been down pretty much all today, and it looks like its back up with an all new look!

Have a look, I thought this belonged here in the mapping section because this is the one that I mostly go to, and it has lots of valuable mapping things for people to use.

So hopefully now that it has a generally cleaner/easier to read interface people will use it more!

Also to just make this a NEW UPDATE thread, post your favorite article on the wiki that helped you most with mapping! :toot:

Oh my god its so awesome now hnnnnnnnng.

I can’t handle it oh god I’m going to die.
:gizz: its helpful when making skyboxes.

Oh god, yes. :gizz:


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Jacob has made me aware I posted Embedding Lua in the Source Engine in the mapping section. Sorry.






wow, thanks, batnutz


I noticed this a while ago, very cool

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best article

Sorry, I don’t know how to do that emotion.

Damn. I really preferred the old look since the new one doesn’t resemble a wiki and is too dark anyway.

I just noticed this

And yet hammer crashes every time you scratch your balls

Valve better release the ‘easier to use SDK because even we know our tools suck’ update soon.

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I love the way source does this.

Too bad I never use it because hammer goes batshit insane if you press shift and any two other keys at the same time.

All that is left that Valve actually contribute to some of the pages. There’s lots of missing content :argh:

Explaining the Choreography was god terrible :doom:

Don’t understand why people rated me late. I posted this really as soon as the wiki had come back up… Just because you saw it somewhere else instead of here first doesn’t mean I was late or anything…

That is half true. It might not be late to facepunch or the mapping forum, but it has been said somewhere else, so technically that would make it late everywhere. Still, I wouldn’t rate you late since you were the first to post it here.

I like it. I do agree that it may be a little too dark, but I can get used to it.