vampire gamemode

hey guys i was wondering if u lot could make a gamemode/map or whatever to make daytime and nighttime levels and theres 2 factions

the vampires:
have to hunt out the humans at nighttime and yet have to hide during sunlight otherwise they start loosing health they have a bite weapon witch can suck health out of the there victim and the “master vampire” gets to be able to turn into a bat or crow or some kind of bird

the humans:
have an arsenal of weaponry but only start off with crowbars and must find the rest in houses/alleyways/on the floor the humans have to ether survive a full night of vampires (the vampires would get unlimited spawns) or hunt down the vampires in the daytime while hiding from them at night the leader of the humans the “slayer” starts off with a shotgun and flashlight but is slower due to the fact he can see more with the flashlight


shapeshift (for the master vampire)

shotgun (for slayer)
flares or flash nades (to get vampires out of camping)

a map idea would be somthing with a sewer or an undergroun (downtown) but also has streets and houses for the humans to hide in

constructive criticism welcomed

if Ur interested please add me on steam
steam name : nime3

p.s if u guys do make this ill use it on my server sinse i have like 5-6 gmod servers

Currently part of Nime3’s great community ^^ and cant stress how awesome this would be for us. We get some great ideas from our community and we just would love to get them realised.

How about, instead of the standard HL2 weapons, somehow integrate this;

There’s a request forum now. :smiley:

yeah that would be good ^^