Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodlines models

What I am requesting is for someone to port over the models of the vampire characters from the game Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodlines. I have searched for several hours, and all I seem to have found are a small handful of models, accompanied by dead links. I am planning, in the near future, to get a VTM Roleplay server up and running, but for that I will need these models.
Basically, what I ask is this-

  1. Someone port over the models of the various vampires from the game.

  2. They be rigged to HL2 skeletons, and given animations to function as a playermodel.

    I would do this myself, but I lack the knowledge or ability. However, I do have something that would seem to be a useful tool-
    This tool takes VTM:B models and decompiles them into .smd files. Whether or not this is useful to a potential porters, I have no idea.

If you wish to discuss this more directly, please contact me on Steam. My account is hobomasterxxx

As it’s clear this is a rather hefty request, I thought I might add this, to grease the wheels a little. I am willing to pay money for these models. It may not be a massive amount, but I will pay for them, if neccescary. If you want to talk about payment, just post here, or talk to me on steam.

I was just thinking of this… i know they have been ported over before…

The cop is floating about in the playermodels pack btw.


All the old links are borked… that’s what you get for using filefront… and combining with it… Shit vanishes all the time… It really does suck…

Yeah, they’re all dead links, and regardless, there isn’t really enough of them ported, dead link or no, to fit my needs.

I have a compiled Jeanette model here (jiggleboned of course), however she is not rigged or anything, and her eyes aren’t there because I’m not good at that kind of thing.

i lost the original decompiled stuff sdfdfgasf

Unless someone can give the model eyes, it’s sadly pretty useless to me.

Sadly im not much of a modeller, im a Mapper/Coder, but im interested in getting them re-ripped and your idea for a VMB Roleplay.

Another thing to add, if anyone is willing to teach me how to do this, but they don’t want to actually do all the work, I’m fine with that, so long as you can teach well enough.

I made an attempt and well um…


I’ve been wanting to see this done, myself.

It’s a source engine game, it should be a lot easier to port to Garry’s Mod then say, a model from Crysis or GTAIV… Hell, both of those same game have had ports from them.

But no one seems willing to do this. I guess because this game hasn’t really been heard of, since it came out on the same day HL2 did and was heavily overshadowed.

Alright, I’m actually having a tiny bit of success here-

It has all the bones and everything, one slight problem though- it spawns as an effect, rather than a ragdoll.

Even though it’s messed up, I recognize it. The Malkavian vampire.