Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines Models

(Yeah, I bothered to put the game logo in the thread ^^)
Alright so, I own a copy of VTMB, and I want the Character models from the game (Hobos, hookers, Vampires, etc) so I can make poses with them. This has been requested before, but the thread died. So if anybody could convert the models from the game, it would be greatly appreciated! Also, this game uses an early build of the source engine and the models use .mdl’s I think.


Apparently MDLDecompiler works on those models:

I downloaded the program and put it in the right area, but I can’t find where the models from the game are located. I looked in the GFC’s but there’s no model folder. In the common folder there are models but they came from the VTMB Unoffical 7.0 Patch, so I don’t know. And then when I test it with other models it makes them into .smd’s. This is too complicated for me, so, eh, can anyone else do it?

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There are a few models out there, but if I remember correctly they weren’t rigged all that well. There was a Nines model, the dual personality chick, and that vampire chick who owned the dance club. And I’m horrible with names, sorry about that.

Also cop and the werewolf model, both are still in

Too bad I don’t feel like searching for the game discs.
I’d try extracting some props otherwise.