Vancouver 7:30 to Alliance District

Remarkable setup. Nice work, Xana.

A wild Ninja Nub appears.

Solid posing, man. I dig it.

I think its imbound to richmond because of the chinese lettering on the back door

that kid’s ice creams gonna melt all ove rthe fucking carriage seats

kid what are you doing

The lighting in this image is really goddamn nice. good job

Awesome as always!


What’s the map, by the way?

Terra Firma must be so proud.

Nice work overall, could use a bit less washed out colours if you ask me though.

gm_construct darkroom. Made my own lighting to try and get an early morning effect

Shepard on public transit?

And that kid…that kid…searches for an axe

Great picture, though I find fog weird.
Still, have a winner, m8.

Where’s the train from though? NeoTokyo? Nuclear Dawn?

NeoTokyo. Tons of cool shit in there, buildings especially, if you can notice them in the background

Train requires assembly though

Very nice! Always great to see more Mass Effect stuff here. You can never have too much.

and then the robots had sex

If you feel lazy just start the map nt_transit, two trains with open doors, a subway station and gates.

wheres the fun in that?