VanDookie and Predaaator's model pack Final release

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] VanDookie and Predaaator’s model pack Final release

[tab]Version:[/tab] last

[tab]Description:[/tab] ALL the models of Predaaators making that I’ve hexed

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod9 or 10

[tab]Download:[/tab] At Bottom [/release]

Ok so here it is…the last release of Mine and Predaaator’s model pack.
This mod is designed to work in both gmod 9 or 10 and includes every model that’s been included so far in versions 1&2 and the adddon.


There’s a total of 33 models here…so enjoy!

Predaaator: Converting models and skinning the models in this pack.

Oscar_Sp: Hexing the Tactical Strogg,and one fat zombie.

Knuckles: Resizing Hellknights.

**X_Navjit_:**Hexing medium HellKnight

Whoever hexed the Tech and Medic: Hexing the Tech and Medic

WaLLy3K: Hexing Jack Carver

VanDookie(That’s me!): Hexing everything else and combing all these great models into one easy to use pack for your convenience.


This is for first time downloaders it will work with either gmod 9 or 10 and comes in mod format and includes ALL the models.;6324164;;/fileinfo.html

This is for those who already have all the models but need to get them into gmod 10.

This is the addon for those who may have missed it.;5308951;;/fileinfo.html

This is great. I think I speak for all when I say, thanks.


Nice! Thanks a lot, all of these will be very useful for posing.

In the last picture is that the Black Ops? Well…This pack is Awesome!

You forgot to put the games they are from in the requirements.

Great bunch of models ^^

That’s because I don’t care if you have them or not…because I realize that people will download whether they have them or not…

Are you guys planning on making another?

Cause there are a lot of games out there that don’t have models in GMod…coughSilentHillcough

Nice pack, though.

Great work, gold-star.

Please note that the thread title says “final release” and the version says “last”…if that’s not hint enough for you than… well…

The answer is no…no we won’t…because there is no “we” really…he just did stuff and I got his permission to hex and release…

Yeah…I guess my wishful thinking prevented me from noticing that…

Sorry for being an idiot, there.

Thanks for the re-release.
I almost went mad from Quake4-deprivation. :smiley:

No big deal…but if one more person asks me to port a model from <insert game name here>, I’m gonna kill said person.

I admire how you posed the Terminator robot on the last image. “Hey Sexy, look at me.”


Wow…I just installed a previous pack -.-


Laura Croft now has gorilla arms.

finnaly i hope the quake models work to gold star

WooHoo! I didn’t even know you were making more, but now that there’s Lara Croft and the Terminator… I forgot where I was going with that. downloading!