Vanilla contraptions

Post your vanilla contraptions! Doesn’t need to be absolute pro quality, just anything decent made out of vanilla props. PHX is ok, just make sure its not eg. one bathtub and rest of it phx.
Anyways, here’s something i made yesterday:

90% vanilla :v:

The taillights are very very long :v:

and you should’ve used the hl2 pipes for the roof supports and roof edges but it’s really nice :3:

Thanks :buddy:

Read these


Ugly jeep material is ugly.

Woodwars. I made this thread for vanilla contraps. Get the difference? And no, it’s not a jeep.

I was posting them as additions to the thread so I didn’t have to post them here too. Get the difference?

I thought you were trying to tell me that this has been done. Sry :smile:

I realized only now how it looked. Apologies. And you SUV thing is made of plastic. Not much more to say than that, honestly.

Lost the dupe for now so until i get it back, i cant do anything about the mats and colours.

the material is good, cars are shiny irl :colbert:

Those wheels aren’t vanilla. :v:

Those wheels are super high quality

has a nice style to it :3

This isn’t a thread just for my car, feel free to post your stuff here too :buddy:

WHy do you suck so much?

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