Vanilla Matis Ground Attack Helicopter and Battle Video

Video Credits:
shadowsicon - Ground Defense Turret & MiniTank
Remma - VTOL Plane
Brahe - Javalin Missile
and the Nodex US server of course.

Shift: Zooms in on the minigun target
Mouse: Aims the minigun
Mouse1: Fire minigun
Mouse2: Fires the dumbfire missiles
W,A,S,D: Controls the pitch and yaw of the helicopter
Space: Fly up
Left Arrow, Right Arrow: Roll left and right. For this to work you need to go into your gmod control mapping and make sure these are bound to Turn Left and Turn Right.

and of course screenshots:


the front looks odd but the rest is sexy

100% fucking shit up power.

I like the Javelin too.

Christ that’s fugly.

I kinda like that rotor idea :buddy: but its very ugly in my opinion.

Thanks for all the feedback. I will be posting the dupe this evening.

God damn how do you guys make this shit?!

Beer and witchcraft

I do like the missile pods, I don’t know why.

I hate the nose and dislike the tailfan; middle part is nice.

Good criticism. I think you are spot on.

I try my best. Also the main rotor is :shlick:

I’m curious on how you made both the target markers and the hud thingy.
At first i though the hud was a gpu but i don’t remember you being use textures with those.

You are right, it doesn’t use a gpu. The hud uses e2 3d holograms parented to the helicopter. The materials are set to wireframe for all of it except for the artificial horizon.

it looks very diverse. but also looks effective. nice work