Vanilla Roleplay

Thread closed due to the release of TortoiseScript2, Requesting lock.

Can i get this locked please?

Awsome :smiley:


Looks cool, even if it is harvested from other gamemodes.

It has nothing from other gamemodes…

Glad to see you took the bit that made the time human readable out of the code I gave you.

Atleast i can do something right. =]

Use string.ToMinutesSeconds for the “You can’t harvest this plant” message.

The hud looks like it’s taken from somewhere… hmm… tacoscript? darkrp XD

That has to be the most generic hud possible.

Looks awesome, but can you change language of hud and so?

I used String.ToMinutesSeconds in the plants/contra/timer. =]

Sounds like a nice idea, Alot of work though. I will consider it. I have a list of weapons on the forums

It’s posted in the news section

Post your suggestions in here, people!

Vanilla wasn’t something that normally doesn’t have any type of modification, like an script?

You are correct, Although i liked the name itself also it means ‘Original’ i tossed everything other meaning out of the word, and used the single meaning vanilla = original

Also, Why a narcotical MINT plant?

Long story short, Used to mix with certain things. serv up

I just figured out where I’ve seen this before…

This looks a LOT like Yahan’s/Havoc-Gamer’s gamemode, Kiwi. It doesn’t happen to be Kiwi just twisted a little does it? No flaming/trolling here, just a legitimate question.

Yeah the main menu/hud is. 90% of the code is changed, Due to it being obsolete. =]