Vanilla Rust Anti-DDOS - New 2/25 - >>>750$ Steam Raffle<<<

We’re running a brand new Vanilla Rust server to get away from Admin abuse, constant hacking and DDOS attacks.
The administration believes in taking a backseat role and only handles issues involving hacking or exploiting. Everything else is fair game.

In order to bring new players to us, the administration is now offering a significant raffle prize!

Once our server hits 40 players online for a period of 2 hours or longer, we will be raffling off (3) 250$ Steam or Amazon gift cards, as decided by the winner.

Must have 30 players online for raffle to commence

If you have less than 10 hours on the server, your first login must be on 2/25 and you must be present to win.

How to Join:
Hit F1
type net.connect
Hit enter

(User was banned for this post ("Make one thread not two." - postal))