VANILLA RUST with sprinkles? [Multilayer-AntiHack] [Vac-Check/Kicker] [Base-Tool]

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Played on The Old server And Enjoyed every Minute, Glad to see you Back Guys :slight_smile:

And ill be glad to see you back :slight_smile:

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Will be doing a steam game giveaway to populate the server when we hit 50 players i will be giving away 10 games.

i will write down all names and put them in a box shuffle them and pick them out at random.

This will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube to prove its valid and fair.

Yeah good idea I hope it goes well im looking forward to playing on your server again, definitely need some population in here.

Yeah only had a few on so far, come on peeps!

Come on and check us out guys we are on a fresh map ready for you to start out :slight_smile:

Need some more people up in here, so free bump :slight_smile:

New to both these forums and Rust. Bought Rust earlier today, and have been trying to find a good server to join as I have heard there is a major problem with hackers on the main servers, and admin abuse on other servers. Since I just bought Rust I am definitely under the 25 hour play time requirement, but am still eager to join your servers if possible. Thanks for taking the time to read this. :slight_smile:

Bump, this server deserves more players. So fun get ahead while you can :slight_smile: Literally no bases up yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Please add SantasPornStash on steam for you account to be reviewed thank you :slight_smile:

Done :slight_smile:

You have now been added thanks for joining us :slight_smile:

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Yes we do need more players, everyone read above for the Giveaway event


Thanks Crusty :slight_smile:

Bump, C’mon guys this servers worth a try, 100% hacker free

Hi there.
I’m in search of a new server and from what I read so far, this one looks appealing. Will definitely log in later today and try my luck (real life stuff to do first…).
Fun fact: since I’m still kind of new to Rust I just checked my play time… and it’s actually exactly 25h :slight_smile:

How many people are there at the moment?

Sonny B

Oh and also, can you explain what this Anti-Float Base tool means or does exactly? Thanks.

Ill be Honest we are a new server and Im struggling on getting population, we have the best anti-cheat methods now we just need the player-base… So basically there are only 5 or so frequent players logging on now and then as i do my best to advertise our service it will grow.

As for the anti-float base tool its basic a tool that lets you remove parts of your building structure, but unlike other remover ad-dons it does not have the exploit that lets players make bases that float.

See you in game,


With NoCraft C4, does it only exsist in airdrops? And if so, is there a base size limitation? And if not, what stops me from building a 7X7X10 so no one can ever raid me?

The drop rate of c4 is not changed, but if people want to be able to craft c4 then i have no problem changing it. i just find the people with the recipe just have a big advantage over people without it, being a loot only item will make it more fair for the guy with the small base :slight_smile:

Yeah, I totally get it :slight_smile: personally I wouldn’t change it. There are more than enough servers where C4 is craftable for those who want to blow up the world lol