Vanilla SpaceBuild Ships

Well I am trying to make a vanilla SB ship, and I just cannot seem to get a decent shape going, so I thought I would ask to see other people’s vanilla ships here for ideas. I’m not saying 100% vanilla, I’m just saying mostly vanilla. Razor train ships welcome! Not only does this help me, it also gives you a chance to show off your ships and crow about how vanilla > SBEP.

Stuff like this?

Different version of it


You could also look at the ships from EVE online.

see, now why can’t I imagine a gorgeous shape like that? Especially the boat version! The eve ships aren’t really going to work for me. The shapes of them are rather complex. But thanks for this shape! I love it! what did you use as a floor for the interior? I’m looking at the second pic, the bit of interior that you can see through the window midway down the ship.

The interior of that particular ship is quite a clusterfuck atm, but generally any flat props

Cool! But 2 props i need to know the name of: That massive tank in the rear and the ones on top and bottom of the cockpit. (talking about second pic again)

nice space ship

The large round one at the back is an oil tank from de_port and the front prop is the dropship troop canister

What’s your steam name trekkie? if you want I can show you a bunch of good props to use.

Thanks for the parts names! I have a ship in progress already! Steam name is Mac_Trekkie. Add me! I’m online now at a SB server! What is your steam name?

sup ayaki

I’m guessing that is parented?

and if it is , how do you save it ? doesn’t adv.dupe break it?

sup brah

Well we worked for quite a while, Aether and I. We made a ship together. It is 100% vanilla. It looks badass. We made most of it together, with the rear made by me, and the base of the cockpit made by me, but the rest is collaberative. It is, in my opinion, far scarier looking than any SBEP battleship/battlecruiser/gunship/whatever. If you see this, bristling with guns, coming at you, you will be a lot more scared then, say, a Galapagos covered in easy welded poorly positioned guns of various random types that make no sense. Anyways, for my first all vanilla ship, I think it turned out GREAT!


[its an album]

Well done on the ship Aethir, also thank you for posting the image of it un-materialized, always helps show what you did to make it look the way that is it.

What about me? :C

I just built a pretty advanced spacebuild fighter. No pics yet because I’m on the laptop, I’ll stick’em up if I remember tomorrow afternoon.

Heavy use of parenting
Gratuitous applyForce()
Flawless turret system. Makes use of the PropCore E2 extension for setAng and setPos functions.

The result: a fighter with virtually nil netgraph hit, whilst still being incredibly deadly due to the turreted front weapon that’s controlled much like a fighter from Freelancer.

It’s entirely likely that I’m going to scale up this principle and make some larger ships with it.

Sounds cool, can’t wait to see the pics! Is the apply force using Quats? Or is it using that other one, applyOffsetForce()? Also does it have a hud or other indicator system? Is life support on board or does it rely on a suit? Shielding systems?

Sometimes, it’s not how many props, but how weird and odd you can find a prop to be. And the arranging them in a nice pattern, like legos.

Not everyone has the same imagination either, for I certainly don’t have a taste for his ship(it’s quite nice but it’s a bit round.) But then again, you could say the same for me, where mine looks too shabbily built/scrapped.

This is just an example of what you can do in 10 minutes if you know your way around with vanilla props.

tbh that looks kinda messy, I mean, sure it would be a pretty cool piece or art, but it lacks interior and stuff? wouldn’t you kinda want that when you’re in space?

I have decided to contribute, the big one has an interior.

That ship reeks of easy weld o.O