Vanilla Station Parts!?

I’ve decided to make a very Vanilla spacestation (Occasionally i might use PHX for accuracy) that involves alot of Expression2 (I’m starting to learn and I thought this could be a good experience) and isn’t just a massive empty base in the sky.

When most people build their SBMP ships, they’re completely empty except for the Life Support Room and the Cockpit, with maybe a Shuttle occasionally. And they’re massive and they do anything. So I’ve decided to make a awesome looking vanilla station with lots of cool functions and useful gadgets that a real station might have.

At the moment I’ve created:

  • The CyroBay (sleeping quarters basically, pods which you can sleep in. There’s an Eject buttonn, Kill Button and Inject Poison button which take their health down to 1)
  • The Hydroponics Room filled with artificially grown flora.
  • Solar Sail(s)
  • A rather large blast door which is activated with the Laser Pointer (Im hoping the Laser pointer will function alot of the ship) and uses sweet sounds.

As you can see I haven’t exactly done much, and I plan on leaving the Navigation Room & Command Bridge until I learn more about Expression 2 so I can create cool gadgets for them (ideas are welcome here too!)

In short I would like some ideas on which station parts to do next, what you would like to see on the station. Suggesting functions for those parts will be good too.


errrr Pics???

I started something like this but got dumped into my unfinished bin

If you want to do a spaceship with a filled interior i suggest you don’t do the endlessly gigantic stacker pile of phx that most newbies insist will make them god!

Phx is good for beginners! (like myself) but in no way should you believe that uploading the results here will give you much respect! I just finished a galleon which where almost only built using Phx apart from the masts!
What i’m gonna do next though is that i’ll insert vanilla props to it for good looks, which is what i suggest you’ll do too with your space station!
Never built a spacestation myself but i can imagine building one using only vanilla props is a hard thing to do!

We’ll need pictures to tell wether you’re doing it right or not!


#1 way to tell a new/immature person: GUNS MUST GO ON EVERYTHING!!!1111!one!!!111eleven!!!1onez0rz! Not that I’m anti gun, I love guns, I just don’t think they go on everything. Anyways, good luck with your station. I smell Razor Train and stacker spam.

Trekkie, You don’t know what the hell what you are talking about.

I agree. If you are to make a good spaceship that contains no empty and wasted space you’d obviously fill it up with lots of guns. Do stuff like big cannons with big barrels you’ll have to reload manually and stuff. Small seats that control mouse aimed turrets and shit ( Also good e2 practice ).

I mean, sure, a single defense turret or something is good and all, but seriously, fill a peaceful station with guns? Good idea! I always make a station, then add a remote turret of some kind on top or something. Unless you are planning on making a military station, which is not what I gathered from the OP, I recommend NOT filling the empty spaces with guns. Especially since it’s not SBEP props, so there should be very little empty space. If you want to need more space, to reduce the chance of turning it into yet another MAC blob, I suggest using only oxygen scrubbers.

Trekkie has a point…

Sup Trekkie, thanks for the help with my Probe yesterday (I’m HyperCube) it’s going to be part of the station.

Whilst the skeleton structure of the base contains no PHX props, it is still kinda stacker spam. But in honesty I’m trying to use interesting props (which are either HL2 [haven’t used Razor Trains, or going to] or CSS) and planning on covering the more obvious stacker spam with appropriate looking props. Defences will be kept to a minimum, I plan just two weak remote “look-aim” turrets and one remote drone which I want to be able to use to infiltrate enemy ships and destroy their innards.
All this is just ideas.

If anyone has anymore?

Not all space stations are peaceful, and alot of them might want to defend themself.

But instead of spamming guns, You could always make them detailed. As i said, A manual reloading missile system or something, could fill up a whole room, and yet still be one gun.

Ohai Hyper! So that was you. Glad I could help :slight_smile: Anyways, I’m suprised you haven’t used Razor trains. That is impressive. As for remote probes and defense turrets, I have a few I can give you, if you want.