[VANILLA] =zZ/pvp/rp/NEW= Your fair vanilla server!

As most of us are bored with all those servers getting wiped all the time and admins abusing their powers,
i present to you folks a plain unmodded vanilla server for the people that seek a fair server to play on.

I’m the admin but i currently take a break from playing RUST as i have other stuff that keeps me busy atm.
I just host the server and try to keep it fair for everyone. If you need to report people for abusive behaviour or exploiting, please post video/sshots proof and i can blacklist if really needed.
There won’t be any rcon abuse at ALL, nor are there any clan/friends that dominate the server due to possible affiliation to the admin.

Here the details:

[AA] Vanilla Stoneage

- fresh server
- slots : 200
- Vanilla
- zZ : on
- pvp : on
- Serverlocation : Central EU CET
- Moderate RP
- backup
- serverrestarts @ 05:00 am CET
- no wipe unless forced due to Facepunch 

Have fun chopping wood :wink: