Vanishing storage crates?

Is there a bug or hack that can make a large storage crate vanish?

I had a 1x1 with two large storage in there and now one of them has vanished. The other is still there (and full) as is everything else but the storage unit that was against a wall which was protruding thru the side of the base is not.

If it was clipping through the wall then it likely was searched and subsequently destroyed by someone who came across your place.

  • If it was protruding outside the secure area then Skynet’s take is most likely.
  • If not, it may be that there’s a bit of rock/ground poking up through your foundation, or close enough to your ‘floor’ that the game considered your box to be ‘not on a foundation’ and decayed it as such.
  • If you have a window, boxes can be shot through the bars and destroyed.
  • Someone may have raided or attempted to raid you, destroying the box in the process. Even if your other gear wasn’t touched, they may have decided you were too ‘noob’ to raid, patched up the wall and left. Someone also may have only had 1-2 C4 and not blown through.