Vanquish Russian Robots, Bogey ARS, and Not-Hillary Clinton

So finding out that Sam Gideon is the only Source model ported from Vanquish, I’m looking to see if there’s still a chance to rip into the game for the Russian Robot enemies, The bosses like the Argus and Bogey, and totally Not-Hillary Clinton.

Drill-Handed Variant
Romanov Damaged State


Elizabeth Winters (Not-Hilary Clinton)

Loved that game, heard they are brining it to pc soon. If you can, try brining the human soldiers and guns alongside the robot guns.
That being said, good luck with it, I hope it turns out well.

Wait, it never had a PC port? So I’m guessing that someone ripped Sam from the Xbox version? I was hoping that someone on the forum would do it. That is OUT of my league. Plus its made by Platinum Games so the filing is probably a hassle in its own right.

The only recent thing coming from this was that someone was working on a revamped ARS suit last year, but nothing came of it because I never saw more posts about it.

Yeah Vanquish was only on consoles, that’s why there’s more or less no ports from it.

Just wish the port would come soon, or better yet find out how they ripped from the Xbox version.

There’s tools that allow you to rip from the 360 version. I used to have them, so google is your friend.