Variable Item Durabilty

So we all know when we currently make a tool it as created in “Perfect Condition”, this is for all tools. But in reality, when you create something it isn’t always perfect. So in order to reflect that, why not make the initial condition of the tool be random upon creation just as the number of attachment slots there are in a gun. Condition would range from 75 (for a poor job at making the tool) and 110 (a Very Rare chance and can only occur at a workbench). Now seeing as you can only obtain this pristine condition of 110 from a workbench, i think any item that can be crafted away from the workbench should automatically be more likely to be of a poor quality. Which means when you are out in the woods and you are making a stone hatchet, its quality should be 75/85/ or rarely 95/100. Now even though small medkits can also be crafted away from workbenches, the only change on them is how FAST they heal you over time. Since you made a shoddy medkit in the forest, it takes maybe x1.25 longer than usual to heal 25 points, while crafting medkits at a workbench will make them heal from x1-0.75 the normal speed.

I prefer all items being initially equal. There’s no reason to complicate things.

But you do understand though where i am coming from. There is no way for someone to be able to create perfect condition tools without a proper workbench near them for assistance unless they are master craftsmen. Which i highly doubt our characters are (besides the fact of how they can turn fragments of metal into complex military weapons)

I’m assuming not a lot of people like this idea? Or maybe not a lot have been able to see the thread

If durability was scaled down a tad I could be on board for this. As it stands, with durability as intense as it is now it would just be an annoyance, if things lasted longer then a random dent in your new gun could make a big difference compared to one that happened to come out perfect.

In all honestly, I am thinking of making a plugin based around this idea in magma. maybe even some way to decrease durability loss.

Well there are already rcon commands that let you change the durability loss rate for armor and items.

Really? Never knew that. Well i guess RCon doesn’t have the initial tool variability. does it?

Not that I’m aware of, that would just be too easy. :rolleyes:

This sounds pretty cool actually. Just make the current durability the shitty handmade tool durability.

Just throwing out numbers here: Basic (Current) workbench imparts 1.2x durability, Stone based workbench imparts 1.6x durability, metal based workbench imparts 2x durability. This also affects decay rate (or starting health?) for building parts (including spikes/barricades/boxes etc), a well crafted building is longer lasting. This also affects other item properties such as health gain/rate, hunger fill, damage resists, etc.

This also has the bonus of making lengthy raids harder to execute. If you’re making supplies on-site you’re gonna be making shitty supplies.

True, I’m all for making it more difficult to raid if you are making supplies on the spot. Just provides that little extra effort for people.