Variable with a comma

Basically, is it possible to create a Variable with a comma? I tried a lot of stuff that didn’t work.
Now I did find one way of doing what I want, by creating a table and using string.Implode I was able to achieve it quite nicely.
But I’m wondering, IS there a way to create a variable with a comma?

What are you trying to do

Basically, for ULib.tsayColor, I always put the player’s name in a certain color, so instead of having to write “Color( 72, 72, 72 ), ply:Nick(),” I wanted to just write something like “nick”.

Why do you want anyways to use comma in a variable name?

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No its not possible. Those commas are arguments that need separation for the function to work correctly.
Unless you either overwrite the function or make a table that holds your values and call the indexes specifically in each one I don’t think there is an easier way of accomplishing what you’re trying to do.

local clr = function( ply ) return ply, false, Color( 72, 72, 72) end

ULib.tsayColor( clr( ply ), "Hello!" )

You’re going to need pre-processor.

How it works.

Your lua code is saved as a string, and where you get something like

#DEFINE “something” “to something else”

It’s going to remplace the 1st arg by the 2nd one.