Variables Instead of SetNWInt , GetNWInt ?

Hello guys, well this is a serious discussion about using new variables to replace “SetNWInt or GetNWInt” due to their overload.

I would like to know if there’s already a new way to replace those things and use them like a new method ( easy to save, get from the current session ).

For example, i’m thinking about making a currency stuff wich reload every X minutes ( lets say ) and each reload set the variable to a math.random(value1,value2) and after you got this value, store it in a variable for all the members v:SetNWInt(“currency”, math.random(value1,value2) ) , ok we have it…

The BIG Question…

Any way to change this method and NOT Use .txt files to store a IN-GAME value but also to not overload the machine when there’s 64 players online huh ( … )

Sorry if this is a silly question but its a big doubt.

I’ve been looking and all it says is that NWInt have delays and its not recommended to use this.


PS: Forgive me about my spelling, english is not my main language.

what the fuck are you talking about

Basically, im talking about replacing this method’s “GetNWInt” “SetNWInt” to store information, for example in money_printers, when the money_printer spawn we set: self:SetNWInt(“PrintA”,0) and after making the whole proccess we change the 0 to the self:getNWInt(“PrintA”,newvalue), im wondering if there’s other ways to GET and SAVE the information huh …

Yeah…There’s other way, if you want this data serverside, just use variables, if you want this server and client, use net messages…But actually i don’t see that bad Networked variables