Variants Wildlife

I like to watch the bears wolves / dogs and boar, excellent idea these spawn animal alone in the woods, but that leaves a sencacionde one thing missing in the other biomes.
this is my suggestion for the animals that populate our deverian rust.

Please know that my English is bad, I know to some people this idea is not good but please make critical and constructive contributions. I would love to read your objective opinions and your viewpoints.

IA: (predator)
Biome: (snow)
loot: similar the wolf
special loot: claws
speed: (very fast)

IA: (prey)
Biome: (snow)
loot: little more than the rabbit
special loot: NONE
speed: (very fast)

IA: (prey) note --responding to attacks
Biome: (snow)
loot: similar to Boar
special loot: horns
speed: (normal)

IA: (herd predator)
Biome: (snow)
loot: similar to wolf
special loot: whait leather for snow clothing
speed: (fast)

IA: (prey) note – attack if you’re to close
Biome: (desert)
loot: meat, bones
special loot: poison
speed: (fast)

IA: (herd predator) note-- single prey responding to attacks
Biome: (desert)
loot: similar the wolf
special loot: none
speed: (fast)

IA: (prey) note-- attack if you’re to close
Biome: (Beach)
loot: little meat, many bones
special loot: carcass
speed: (slow)

This is Because space is very likely That the monkeys used in laboratories and companies are relatively intelligent animals escape. so it should be very aggressive, throw objects (shit or rock) Should be a bite or actual threat.

IA: (predator)
Biome: (forest, human random-ruins (junk) not nonradioactive)
loot: meat, bones, skull, little fat and tooth
special loot: small objects or Needles
speed: (normal)

**this animal is a very good idea. thank you Sulli[WOTRS]

Note-- This animal is also used for scientific research por su fuerte poder de adactacion en ambientes ostiles**

IA: (prey) note-- attack if you’re relatively close (2m)
Biome: (forest, beach, desert) distinct variants and colors [beach (potent toxins) black, forest green and desert brown].
loot: their meat is tasty XD, bones
special loot: some of these are not poisons but have potent toxins and his skin has many uses
speed: (normal) but for little distance is very fast

IA: (predator) little herd
Biome: (human random-ruins (junk) ,sewers, houses or abandoned buildings)
loot: bones, cloth
special loot: tooth infected
speed: (fast)
this is other laboratory animal, I think it should be a mutated animal, (larger, ugly and toxic) the attack must be weak but give diseases produscan death if not treated very quickly. (toxicity, anger, poison, yellow fever, plague,) must live in sewers, houses or abandoned buildings.

Thanks for reading hope with emotion, see your comments

A game about naked guys running at beautiful landscapes from apes randomly throwing shit. Thats so Garry! :v:

is this a good time to revive the poo and wee thread?:smiley:

you’ve put some effort into this, and its a nice selection of animals. probably optimistic though, i’m not convinced many other animals will be introduced for a while. snakes are kind of cool, same with monkeys, but the rest are kind of covered by the wolves.

what i’d like to see is the animals we currently have spawn everywhere(in greater numbers), not just forest biomes.

hello mrknifey,
I agree with some of these animals to compensate for the lack of animals outside the forest.
and to give a meaning to the lack thereof that propose new, in other words I would like to give more variety and volume of wildlife, to feel differences between living in the forest, snow, desert or beach.
thanks for your sincere and accurate comment

So i would like to see most of them ingame but i have to give you an big + for the Fox i like it.

You should also add some threats or prey for the Water.
Like Aligators, Warans (german word for it dont know the englisch one)
Forelles that could spawn near waterfalls.

all in all gj

These would be great. I admit I miss the underwater life XD
but deverian be separated from marine and freshwater
note – the very few hard Piranhas, I seek a more diffuse freshwater dangerous animal in the world, or used in scientific experiments. would be good to add normal fishes for fishing too XD

I would like to see animals interaction with each other
like wolves hunting deers and things like that

a function to your comment

If they add the Rad Animals i’d like to see them made at least 3-5 times their original size, but the one animal i’d like to see is the Australian Kangaroo, i’d like capture one and train it to allow me to ride it around like a horse.

**today add an animal that I consider fundamental to Any factory, sewer or laboratory.
I personally prefer to see animals in laboratories or diffuse animals in the world. with fear of appearing ignorant I think the Australian Kangaroo is not the case. but thanks for your comment.
and with respect to the mutated animals I have no idea what I will make the expectation :slight_smile:

Like these suggestions, we especially need more animals in the snowy biome, which currently doesn’t seem to spawn any. Love the idea of snakes in the desert biome, and snow cats in the snowy biome, (could just be re-skinned wolves).

as a fellow aussie, i’m down with giant mutant kangaroos. they would kick the shit out of everyone, then stomp their houses into the ground.

seriously, red kangaroos are mean bastards; mutant ones would dominate the kev teams like vikings pillage villagers.

Imagine we could team up and capture some mutant roos, eventually tame them to ride around on, then when the Devs get the Rust SDK up for the community we’ll make Ned Kelly Armor, start a Kelly gang and go Bushrangering on the backs of mutant roos!!!

hell yes. i’d go a bit more moondyne joe though XD

so armoured bushranger on a mutant kangaroo, check. axeweilding cannibal bushranger on another mutant kangaroo, check. yep i think we are ready to have fun :smiley:

HAHA Thats sounds great, i had to look up Moondyne Joe, he looks awesome and very suitable to exist in Rust. We need more members for our gang, someone to play Dan “Mad Dog” Morgan, maybe some more Kelly Brothers, or Captain Thunderbolt.
Anyway added you on Steam we can chat there instead of hijacking this thread lol