Variety of issues

1.) Gmod doesn’t seem to be picking up the stuff in my addons folder. I put AirVehicles, Bail Out and the SVN version of wiremod in there, and wiremod only picks up on multiplayer, and even then it says it’s outdated.

2.) In-game toybox doesn’t work.

3.) I’m missing some models and textures apparently.

EDIT: Can someone help me? I’d like to have these fix’d before the big update comes out.

1: Are you using the Official Wire SVN? (Or you could use the download link on the site.)

2: Toybox is buggy as * fuck *. It’ll be down for a little, but it should work after a few.

3: You can be missing models and textures if you don’t have the games that go with them. I.E. the Terrorist model, you would need CS:S. Same with DOD:S shit.

  1. Yeah, it’s official.

  2. Ok. It seemed to stop working after I clicked the “Home” button on the in-game browser…

  3. When I first started GMOD, under the Garrys Mod folder under the Browse tab had 2 awesome car models. It appears they are gone.

You might have installed something wrong. Try re-installing Garry’s Mod and adding each addon back in. Alternatively you could check if you installed everything correctly.

I heard that all the models, lua and scripts, etc. folders go in the game’s folders (respectively). Is thhat what’s wrong?

Oh god why. Do NOT install wire into each of its respective folders. Someone’s title around here is something like “A wise man once told me, if it has a info file, it probably goes in addons”. Just take the folders, which I’m guessing are name like wire, wire models pack, and wire_extras (those are just what my folders are named, it might not be what yours are.), and drop them all into addons.

I did the SVN export. I got the SVN for wiremod. I exported the svn to a folder in the addons folder.

Folders include:

Adv Duplicator

THEN the txt files

How To Install



They’re all saved under a folder called “folder” (lol). Gmod never picks it up.