Variety Of Poses

So my first pose and edit, no photoshop, only online photo manipulation.

My second, Way to dark I say and much to edited. Supposed to be Sam Fischer.

Again, Pretty bad editing. (Supposed to be jumping from the explosion…)

This would be my favorite pose yet, Supposed to be men on a rooftop fighting.

Everyone has thier methods of interrogatin, Whats yours?

All the editing killed this tank…

I like this Star Wars pose quite a bit. Darth Vader wrecking a rebel!

C&C Desperately needed! thanks!

The little lua error on the tank one is disappointing and seeing the build map in the star wars one kills it. Posing is iffy and editing is meh at best. Keep trying though.

You need to zoom in with the camera a bit more on some items you wish to focus the picture on, for example in the last pic you gotta zoom in on darth and luke more, a lot of empty vegetation space around that can be taken out of the pic

Horrible posing, filter rape, no AA as far as i’ve seen. Odd camera angles, and so on.

Yeah, I Made that pose on the buildmap then I was like " Now why the heck did i do that!", and I never even noticed that error! Wow. Thanks for the tip on the camera I will try that!


@Camarilla, Yeah i know, way to many filters, any suggestions on how to improve the posing, and camera angles? Remember i asked for C&C!

Edit 2

How should i add AA? I have it turned up as much as possible!

I did give you C&C, I pointed out the flaws. Take your time on posing, quality over quantity. Zoom in to focus more on what your trying to make the pose of just like what Crazy Knife said.

Alright thanks, Il ltry to study maybe some other poses and try to focus on one particular thing, instead of such wide spread scenes.

Learn to pose before you edit, the posing looks really stiff and unreal.