Various animations needed for Tails Player Model

Hey guys, I was wondering if somebody could kindly fix these one or two animations for me for this really cool model on the steam workshop of Tails from sonic, and I wanted to use it in DarkRP but I have found out that some animations are missing. Here are some of the missing ones i know about:

  • idle fist animation
  • fist punching animation

The model has all the rest of the animations, but It would be nice just to take a citizens animations and work them into this model. Could that be done?

I tried compiling the model and fixing it in blender my self but I could’t figure it out. I just kinda gave up lol. I can give you the addon folder (which has the models, lua, and materials) and I’ll also throw in the decompiled stuff like smds.

Hopefully someone can kindly do this for free, but I doubt any one will, but its worth a shot

Links for the files: