Various Bugs (Map Missing, "ERROR"s, and Texture problems)

I’ve had Garry’s Mod for about a month now and have encountered a few pestering bugs.

The first of which is the map missing error. Sometimes when I join a server, I wait till all of the required files download and then I suddenly get a disconnect error saying I’m missing a certain map. When I try to rejoin the server, it says I have to download 1 map file, but as soon as it starts downloading, I get disconnected again with the same error.

I’m also having another very annoying problem. In roughly 50% of the servers I join, everything loads and works fine and I don’t encounter any problems. The other half of the servers I join, everything downloads fine but when I start playing, I’m riddled with models showing up as “ERROR” all over the map. Most of the models load fine and function properly, but a lot of them are ERRORs.

Lastly, and I’m pretty sure this is directly related to the bug above, in those maps that don’t work well, along with all the ERRORs, many textures have errors loading. Those that do either show up as a white-lined wireframe, or as a black and pink square pattern. Also, some player models like Combine Elite, among others, show up with the same black and pink texture.

It’s getting very frustrating when I try to join a server that appears fun and am instead presented with unloaded models and textures, as well as not even being able to join some servers at all because for some reason it wont let me download the map.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated as I really have no idea what to do. Thanks.

Some of the things you listed ARE not bugs.
If a sever asks you to download a map, but won’t let you, try a different sever with the same map, or look for a link for it on here or It’s a setting some servers have because the owner may not want his server lagging to death because of 6 people downloading.


And do you have EP2 and HL2?

Yeah. I bought Garry’s Mod with Orange Box.

The “bugs” are usually connected to those models/textures coming from separate sources of download, IE: model and texture packs from the community’s forums and website. You may be downloading some older versions of models and textures, but the server owner doesn’t update their FastDL to the newer ones.

As for the map, it is a bug where it says you are downloading the map, but you aren’t. Most maps can be found at or the community’s website.

sometimes errors in maps could mean it is a prob form a source game you don’t have, black and pink squares mean that you don’t have the textures, witch could also mean you don’t have a source game.

That too- you could be missing a Source game that contains textures and models from it.

Also: go to your Garry’s Mod settings menu in the Gmod main screen and tick all that can be ticked.