Various funny and unrelated pictures from CS Office

So yeah, I know alot of you are gonna say that I copied setheran, but we are friends and it was a mutual idea. Good to have that out of the way.

So I was thinking of updating this thread everyday, gonna try atleast. So yeah, this is what I’ve done in gmod today so far:

You copied seth. >:c

Oh Lol

Posing on Alma is decent but the facepose on the soldier steals the show. Made me lol.

Also, no editing really. But overdoing the editing would ruin the picture so yeah.




I see what you did thar


You copied Setheran.

Not really, because I was the one who told him to make a thread like this :confused:


I only liked the first picture.


SHIVA! look at the dudes mout when he’s coming out of the crate!

Nicely done on all of them but I especially like the third one.