Various Model requests

Looking to have a few models made/reskined/whatever, The first one I would like made is a custom job.

I would like him to be done in the half-life 2 style (not sure if that’s the way to put it). The face ad hands should be slightly tan, didn’t have a good colored pencil to show that. I’m not sure, but I think this could be made by re-skinning the HL2 models of either Barney or a citizen. I also need it to both a ragdoll and player.

These other ones might already exist, but I can’t search since apparently the search on this site is broken. These are characters from Megaman Legends, I’m not sure if ripping models from PS1 games but if it is all the models can be ripped from Megaman Legends 2. The characters are Roll Caskett, Yuna and Serra.



Roll Caskett

(If possible a roll without a hat would be awesome)
Again, I would like both ragdolls and player models and also NPC if thats not to much trouble.

Bump, should also mention the custom guy doesn’t have a lot of facial hair.