Various People Being shot and Burned alive (PS Practice)

:frogsiren: **SOME GORE NOT ALOT THOUGH JUST WARNING YOU **:frogsiren:
Pretty much Me just Fucking around in Photoshop. What you guys think?

C&C Welcome.

Looks pretty nice, although now that I think about it, I don’t think a tank would be burning just like that in the second pic.
The blood in the first pic is also probably abit too bright and “smudgy”.

Let’s Just say the Tank had fuel on it? :v:

What he said.

Love the third one.

Thanks :smiley:

fire looks nice, third one the best
blood a little to bright though

Thanks good sire :smiley:



Oh no! Gore?! What ever am I to do? Most of the pictures in this section are about sunshine and flowers! You might scare my poor kitten Mr. Flufflumpkins and he won’t want to come to my tea party tomorrow!

Oh god, I just woke up my dog with that post.

That man with the flamer is a very bad man.

Agreed about the blood looking smudgy. Would you happen to have a link to a tutorial on how you made the fire?

Personal findings, took a while though, I may say.
sorry man.


It’s been a while since i’ve been in the forums.

First picture…modern soldiers using a 3rd reich aa gun…huh?

Haha the last one is hilarious " Boulangerie et Magasin " :v:

" Welcome to my shop, chap! "

Nice blood effect on the first pic.

The German army still uses the cross insignia thingy. I think that’s one of the WiC models.

To all who said the tank wouldn’t be burning, if it was hit with a Molotov it would in fact be burning. Molotovs are full of gasoline and soap, and the soap makes the fire stick.

On topic, these are excellent, especially for “just fucking around.” Keep practicing!

looks pretty good, i love how optimistic the title sounds

Thanks guys!


World In Conflict Tank.