Various Requests Kind of Random

Hello I’m new here so please tell me if what I’m doing is wrong.
Anyways… I’d like to request…

-Ilia Ragdoll from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

-Axel Ragdoll from Kingdom Hearts II (without the weapons would be great)

-Chris Ragdoll from Resident Evil 5


  • the witch and tank from l4d or l4d2 (I have them but their textures are messed up like white and)… maybe a screenshot will help… I’ll get that up when I open gmod again.

I apologize if there’s any repeated requests. Let me know about them, perhaps you’d pm or post a link to the download link and I’ll remove them. Thanks again! :]

Chris was already done…Some KH stuff was done as well but Idk about these characters.

If your L4D models are wierdly glowing white disable $phongboost in the VMTs, otherwise i’m not sure what you mean.

Weird, Chris reminds Rico Rodriquez from Just Cause 2 for some strange reason…

That’s truly weird, Chris reminds me of someone who uses steroids.

Extract to your addons folder, add modinfo.txt, remove everything else except materials and models = profit.

Isn’t Ilia in one of the TP packs?

I found Zexion. :slight_smile: And it works! :smiley:

@Silver Spirit- I don’t think that is the problem, I have gmod open now. Let me quick get a screenshot.

@Exorade- I think I tried downloading that Chris and he didn’t show up in the ‘browse’ tab, the NPC tab or in the props tab either. I’ll try doing what you said though! Thanks very much!


@gman003-main- What TP pack? :open_mouth:

Here’s a screenshot of the models, it looks like they’re missing textures?

This is where i got the image of the weird white stuff… (lol) xD

Thats beyond being missing textures, I have no idea what’s going on there, i’ve only seen it once before with the DBZ models which had some sort of weirdness like that @.@ That must be something wrong with the models as i’m pretty sure the head is on the same texture as the body for the tank, if not the witch also.

I didn’t look beyond, but I know it’s been ported. The images for include Ilia, but she’s not in that one as far as I know.

Don’t remember ever seeing her as an actual model, and i’ve always kept a look out for Nintendo models.

I’ve been looking around, and she has been ported, but never modelized…(lol) I stalked around here for awhile and it looks like ?Unknown? ported her, but it looks like he abandoned his project. I did find some KH models, but i don’t know if they work and I’m going to test them now. :slight_smile: