Various screenshots made in a span of a couple of hours.

Except for this one, this one is pretty old.

Scroll down lower in this thread for more screenshots.

wow, these are quite nice, i like them!

Promising! Great job.

nice poses spike

Looks awesome, angles are pretty fuckin sweet and posing looks nice.
But you must be careful with the clipping issues, try to check always that there is no clipping on the ragdolls and props.

Heres some more stuff that I never really looked foward to. I like the first one though.


Holy shit. Something decent with the Battlegrounds models. I’m impressed!

That’s a bunch of pictures I took with my friend, we were pretending to be hardcore nazis.

I loled at the last pic, nice angle on that one :stuck_out_tongue:

Heres a new one I just made.

you know, even though, a lot of americans might think that’s funny, a lot of people like me who had parents or grandparents in fighting for the axis might take a little offence at how lightly our family history is being taken.

On a lighter note, The posing looks good, although, the maps sort of kill the atmosphere. Try downloading some rp maps.

Whoa, that pic looks awesome mate but the paper folds look a little strong on the background.


Cool, good pics Spike!


If that is the payne model I did, he was fingerposable.

These are GREAT.

You are certainly on your way to greatness if these were your first ones

Wow. These are awesome.