Various server problems.

I’m running a test server just to get my settings setup so I can do a gmod server.
The server name is just “gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg” for easy spotting in the server list.

problem 1. The server does not show up in thel ist
Problem 2. Last night, No one could connect to it. I gave them my IP address, which is
They try t connect, but it says “Can not connect to server”, But I can join the server over LAN.
sv_lan is also set to 0.
The server box is running windows XP, and I just set a static IP this morning, but still doesn’t show up in the server list.

Did you forward the ports (usually 27015 or 27016, both TCP and UDP) on the server?

Yeah. Forwarded range 27000-27050, and port 4380
Router is WRT320n btw